The third annual #‎Walk4Hollie again drew hundreds of supporters on Sunday 24 April 2016 willing to walk the 10K route. Congregating at the Portivo Lounge in Gloucester Quays, walkers picked up their t-shirts and listened to live entertainment before joining Nick, Mandy, Chloe, Trustees, Ambassadors and Hollie Helpers on a new route. More than 350 people set off briskly heading for Commercial Street and into Southgate Street before arriving at Gloucester Cathedral. Walkers had been advised to wear appropriate footwear given the recent rain, but the sun shone through a few droplets and the fields across Alney Island stayed dry as the crowd trooped through the local livestock. Then it was on to Hempstead, via Gloucester and Sharpness Canal before returning at a slightly slower pace to Portivo Lounge run by River Maiden and her team.

The bake sale and raffle proved popular and the Hollie cocktails flowed as Connor Dallimore – staff member at Portivo Lounge – rode a static bike the distance from Bristol to Gloucester to raise further funds. The successful event was a poignant reminder of Hollie Gazzard and all those affected by domestic abuse and stalking at the end of National Stalking Week. Many thanks to all those who supported the walk, the staff at Portivo Lounge and special thanks to the children from Secret Garden Nursery who raised funds two days before with their mini #‎Walk4Hollie.

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