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Walk4Hollie 2023
May 14 all-day
Walk4Hollie 2023

Hollie Gazzard’s family warmly invite you to join them on Sunday 14th May 2023 to Walk4Hollie!

Walk4Hollie is the Hollie Gazzard Trust’s very special annual walk to remember the life of Hollie.

This year’s Walk4Hollie is a hybrid event. There will be an in-person Walk which will take place in Gloucester on Sunday 14th May. We will begin and finish the walk at The Glevum Inn pub, Longlevens.

The Glevum Inn, 60 Oxstalls Way, Longlevens, Gloucester GL2 9JN

Meet at 10.00 am, we aim to start the walk at 10:30 am. To enter Walk4Hollie, we ask for a suggested minimum donation of £5 per person.

• If you are not able to join us in Gloucester, you can choose a route/location that suits you!
• Walk 3km, 5km or a full 10km challenge – or further if you wish!
• Take part with friends or family
• Help raise vital funds to support the work of The Trust to address domestic abuse and stalking

If you would like to challenge yourself with your Walk4Hollie and raise additional funds for us, you can set up your own fundraising page. Once set up you can ask your friends, family, and work colleagues to sponsor you.

Participants are encouraged to wear an item of pink or purple, take a selfie and post on social media using the hashtag #Walk4Hollie2023.

Purple HollieDay 2023
Jul 7 all-day
Purple HollieDay 2023

Purple HollieDay is the Hollie Gazzard Trust’s annual day to celebrate Hollie Gazzard’s life and takes place each year in July, Hollie’s birth month. Hollie was a fun-loving young person, with a zest for life and a passion for hairdressing.

Tragically Hollie had experienced domestic abuse and stalking prior to being fatally stabbed by an ex-partner at her place of work.

Purple HollieDay celebrates the joy for life that Hollie had; we encourage you to be creative and have fun as you #GoPurple to raise vital funds to support the Healthy Relationships Workshops we offer to schools and colleges.

Purple HollieDay is a day for Hollie, but it is also a special day for all of us to think about how we would like to be treated in our relationships.

Purple HollieDay takes place all day on Friday 7th July 2023 in schools, colleges, workplaces, homes, and other organisations.

On Purple Hollie you can join with friends, family, work colleagues or fellow students to #GoPurple and raise funds for our transformational work to address domestic abuse and stalking.

  • Going purple for Purple HollieDay enables you and your team to work together towards a common goal; fantastic for team building
  • Being part of Purple HollieDay, and helping raise vital funds to support our education and training, will give you and your team a huge sense of achievement
  • Your involvement in Purple HollieDay will help raise awareness of the importance of healthy relationships
  • Your fundraising will support our Healthy Relationships Workshops in schools and colleges, making a real difference to young people

Here are a few ideas of ways to fundraise on Purple HollieDay:

  • Decorate your school, college or workplace with purple bunting
  • Dress down ‘wear purple’ day
  • A wrong trousers day
  • Purple hair/wig day
  • Purple themed cake sale
  • Sponsored silence: challenge your students, staff or colleagues to stay quiet for an hour, a whole morning or even a whole day!
  • Purple themed quiz
  • Sponsored litter pick
  • Hold a purple-themed games stall
  • Sponsored walk
Golf Day 2023
Sep 7 all-day
Nov 24 all-day