Hollie Gazzard’s story was last night featured on the Channel 5 programme ‘Stalked: Murder in Slow Motion’.

Whilst this is great exposure for the Trust and Hollie’s story, the message is clear that raising awareness of domestic abuse, domestic violence and stalking needs to continue. As you’ll see from all the episodes in the series, the crimes are serious and have devastating effects on everyone involved. This is what happens when this type of behaviour escalates. We may not have been able to save Hollie, but through raising awareness of Hollie’s story, we hope that you can see the pattern of behaviours which constitute an unhealthy relationship. Along the way there may be triggers to look out for; controlling behaviour, aggression, isolating the victim from close friends and family, threats of violence, lots of text messages and phone calls, telling you what to wear, telling you where you can and can’t go, a need to know what you are doing 24 hours per day and treating you like a sub-human being.

Please look out for each other. If you are concern for yourself, a friend or family member please reach out. We work closely with GDASS (Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Services) who can talk to you confidentially about any situation. Visit their website at: http://www.gdass.org.uk/

If you missed the programme which aired on Channel 5, you can find it on the link below to catch up:


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