The Hollie Gazzard Trust were delighted to welcome our work experience student Jess to the office for the first 2 weeks in August.

Jess has recently completed a Forensics and Criminology course at college and is hoping to go on to study Criminology at university later this year. Jess showed enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the work we do, and worked closely alongside Sara Dillon, our Training Manager, to find out about her role and the range of training we offer, and showed a particular interest in the training we offer around stalking and completed some research of her own on this subject. She also had an overview of the work the rest of the team do and the opportunity to attend an online Active Bystander course to expand her understanding of this subject – something the Trust deliver regular training on. Jess enjoyed her time with us and signed up as a Hollie Helper (joining our group of volunteers) before she left.

Here is what Jess said about her time with us: ”I am really interested in the prevention and reduction of certain crimes, so I thought the Hollie Gazzard Trust was perfect to broaden my knowledge on these subjects. I admired the way they’re raising awareness for areas such as domestic abuse, active bystanders, and healthy relationships to schools, colleges, and universities. Their partnership with Nottingham University’s Criminology course, really piqued my interest as I got to do a lot of engaging research on some of their work. Stalking portrayed in media, for example, was really interesting and I got to explore it in detail. I appreciated how extensive and complex this charity is. I really got to see how a charity like this is run. I’ve learnt so many things about their many training programmes and how much more there is to this charity than what’s on the surface. Another area I was interested in was their Hollie Guard app. The app has so many vital features and getting to know how everything works: I feel that was very beneficial to me. I explored the everyone’s roles and was invested in them all. I was very welcomed by everyone, and the workspace is so motivated and friendly. I couldn’t have picked a better placement.”

We would like to thank Jess for her hard work and enthusiasm whilst working with us and we look forward to seeing her again as a volunteer.

Thank you, Jess.

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