Victims of domestic abuse, stalking or harassment are to receive information on Hollie Guard which could help protect them in dangerous or potentially life-threatening situations.

The app works by sending an alert to a named emergency contact when the phone is shaken or tapped.  Backed by Gloucestershire Police, its other functions include GPS tracking and the ability to record voice and video – for use in possible future court prosecutions.

Every Cleveland police officer has been given information about the app, and they have been asked to promote it when discussing safeguarding with victims of domestic abuse, stalking or harassment.

The Hollie Guard app can be found at the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store and the Windows Microsoft Store.  More information can be found here:

Chief Inspector Helen Barker said: “This app is an excellent tool and it has lots of different features to help keep users safe.

“The force is taking steps to make sure all our officers are aware of the app and we are strongly encouraging them to suggest vulnerable people – and indeed anyone concerned for their personal safety – make use of it.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger added: “Protecting those at risk of or enduring domestic abuse, stalking or harassment is an absolute priority for me and I believe this app will be extremely valuable in supporting victims.

“I am pleased the force is promoting using the app and I know officers will get on board and tell as many people as possible about it.”

This is really encouraging news for the Trust that Hollie Guard is reaching outside of Gloucestershire. With nearly 15,000 downloads already, the growth in users is set to continue with Merseyside, Cheshire and Thames Valley police forces exploring using Hollie Guard in the same way as Cleveland Police.

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