We’re delighted to announce that our enhanced subscription of Hollie Guard is now available to purchase on Amazon for you or a loved one.

For only £79.99 you can give your loved ones 24/7 protection for a whole year. Hollie Guard is the UK’s largest safety app with over 500,000 users. Works on all smartphones and is simple to use in any situation.

Hollie Guard is a personal alarm, deterrent, evidence catcher and more. Providing a lot more functionality than a regular keyring alarm for absolutely anyone who has safety in mind. Hollie Guard Extra adds a professional 24/7 alert monitoring service. The average response time is only 11 seconds.

Every 5 seconds your location will be updated based on your speed & movement to identify where you are once an alert has been raised.

If an alert is raised, the audio/video evidence is shared with a professional response centre who will assess the situation & respond accordingly.


Our ultimate aim is to change the lives of young people and we’re hoping you can help. We would love collaborate with you to spread Hollie’s story. Do you have a strong youth audience? Are you influential to others? If you would like further information or a sample of the product to promote please click on the link below to get in touch.

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