Hollie Guard has now been downloaded by over 200,000 people with a significant number coming after the tragic and devastating murder of Sarah Everard.


The personal safety app was born from a chance meeting between PanicGuard founder, Mikkel Dissing and the Gazzard family, whom tragically lost their daughter, Hollie, at the hands of her ex-partner at a salon in Gloucester. Hollie’s father, Nick, set-up the Hollie Gazzard Trust to raise awareness of domestic violence and partnered with PanicGuard to produce Hollie Guard – the free mobile app that raises an alert with a simple shake.


Mr. Dissing commented: “PanicGuard and the Hollie Guard app were founded with the purpose of helping people feel safe and to provide a solution when people find themselves in a dangerous situation. We want to raise awareness of Hollie Guard so that we can protect as many communities as possible.”


The Hollie Guard service was recently expanded to provide the option of real-time assistance via a police-approved, 24/7 alert monitoring centre. Hollie Guard Extra is a very cost-effective way to provide support for victims and to give them greater confidence when in situations of high or potential risk.


Nick Gazzard, founder of the Trust said: “Whilst we hope that our users are never in a position to have to use the app’s features, we want as many people to download the app so that they have the reassurance of having a personal safety device in their pocket if they need it.”


Anyone can get their free personal guardian by simply downloading the Hollie Guard app from their respective app store. For more information on Hollie Guard Extra, go to www.hollieguard.co.uk  or read about the work of the Hollie Gazzard Trust by going to www.holliegazzard.org.

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