Hollie Guard advertising has been spotted on digital displays covering bus stops in Watford, UK.

Hollie Guard is an app that can track your location on your way home, out jogging or cycling, or simply going about day to day tasks. If you feel unsafe, shake your phone to send an alert to a group of contacts to warn them that you may be in danger. Once the phone has been shook, it will then start recording both audio and visual footage of what’s happening around you. This will be saved and sent to the emergency contacts so they can see what is happening, and call the police or ambulance service if they are required. If the phone is shook again, a flashing light and high-pitched beeping will start coming from the phone to alert people nearby that that person may be in danger.

Hollie Guard is free to download, however, there is an optional upgraded service called Hollie Guard Extra that has all the features and benefits of Hollie Guard, but all alerts are sent to a trained call handler, who can escalate the alert if necessary too. They are available 24/7 and the service can be upgraded within the app, at a charge.

Hollie Gazzard Trust CEO and Founder, Nick Gazzard, said: ”The advertising of Hollie Guard in Watford first is quite fitting, as it is where Hollie lived for a period of time whilst she was a hairdresser. We encourage everyone to download Hollie Guard to feel safe. Of course, we hope no-one ever has to use it but it is there for peace of mind. It has been developed with domestic abuse and stalking in mind, however, it can be used for day-to-day use as it has so many features. Please download it and check out everything it can offer.”

Hollie Guard has been adopted by many police forces throughout the UK as their go-to tool for helping survivors of domestic abuse, violence and stalking.

For more information and to find out how to download the app, please visit www.hollieguard.com.

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