Chloe Gazzard has been tireless in her campaign to raise awareness of Hollie Guard, a free smartphone app that has now gained more than 8,862 since its launch in 2015.

Hollie Guard is the next big thing in personal safety. If someone is in danger, a simple shake or tap activates this highly sophisticated app, automatically sending your location and audio/video evidence to your designated contacts.

The app, backed by Gloucester Constabulary and the Police and Crime Commissioner, is designed to transform your mobile phone into an advanced personal safety device at the touch of a button. It will track your movements and if you find yourself in danger, you can shake it to activate the alert mode. Your location, alongside audio and video evidence will then automatically be sent to your emergency contacts via text and email. It means they can ring the police with an exact location of where you are and what’s happening to you. In the meantime, evidence is stored for future use should you need it. Developed by Panic Guard Ltd, for HGT, the app is available on Apple, Android and Windows devices.

The features on Hollie Guard include a personal alert, stealth alert and a deterrent alert. There are also ‘Journey’ and ‘Meeting’ features providing additional peace of mind and extra protection. There’s a ‘Duress Pin’ that can be entered if a user is forced to cancel Hollie Guard by their attacker – however, while the perpetrator will think the alarm has been deactivated, it will, in fact, still be monitoring the attack and it will be recorded that the user has been forced to cancel the alert.

Hollie Guard is completely free and dedicated to enhancing safety in and around the city of Gloucester and beyond. It’s a potential life saver for all those that need it and is designed to be used by anyone and everyone. It’s as essential to those who might fall and injure themselves in remote places, or home alone, as it is to those that are facing danger from someone unwelcome in their lives. Chloe promotes the app to both those needing protection as well as those wishing to ensure that their children travel safely to and from school. It also has value to athletes and climbers with its potentially life-saving ‘Man Down’ feature.

In February 2016, Hollie Guard was awarded the official certificate of the Association of Chief Police Officers, Secured by Design. It has proved vital for those living in fear. Many of these people would not be living ‘normal’ lives if it wasn’t for Hollie Guard. Adele’s ex-partner had tried to kill her twice by strangulation. She was given a Sky Guard alarm by the police, but it broke several times and was eventually given to another victim when Adele’s ex-partner was sentenced to 21 days’ imprisonment for battery. She was so anxious about going out that for eight months between 2015 and 2016 she was even scared of going into her own back garden. She was introduced to Hollie Guard and it’s become a lifeline. She says: “I feel like I can go out and it makes me feel protected.” She describes Hollie Guard as allowing her to: “Leave a trail of breadcrumbs.” She is not alone and Chloe has received many stories from those for whom this ingenious app has made a huge difference.

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