Nick and Chloe appeared on ITV’s this morning program to talk about Hollie and the work that the Trust is doing. Having traveled up on the Tuesday evening, Nick, Chloe and Mandy arrived at the ITV studios at 8:30 on Wednesday and taken straight to the Green Room. Nick and Chloe were then taken into the make up room where make was applied to them both and Chloe had her hair done. Back to the Green room to sit with the other guests and celebrities including Dr Dawn Harper from Embarrassing Bodies and Jenny Faulkner.

After a brief chat with the Assistant producer it was time to walk to the main studio room and sit on the sofa. Presenting were Eamon and Ruth who greeted us and chatted while the adverts were on. They were both very charming and understanding and very professional. Eamon even gave Mandy a big hug off camera. Time then came for the 8 minute interview on Hollie and the work of the Trust and the rest is history as they say.

It was a great opportunity to speak live on TV and one that all three of us thoroughly enjoyed. Bring on the next one!!! Hopefully, with many tweets being made and ITV having a link to the Trust site from there website will bring many more people into contact with the Trust and highlight the aims. We hope to put a copy of the interview on the site when received. In the meantime, here are a few pics.


This Morning - Sign This Morning - On the Sofa This Morning - in the Green Room This Morning - C & N on teh Sofa This Morning - Me & Chloe

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