The Hollie Gazzard Trust relies on the generosity of public donations and the kind work of local businesses to support our causes. We’re delighted to be working with Kirby & Knott Financial Planning, a financial advisory business based in the heart of Gloucester.

Directors, Alex Kirby and Richard Knott, made the decision to support the Hollie Gazzard Trust after meeting with Nick Gazzard. The business is in its first year of operation and both Alex and Richard believed from the start that supporting the community is something they wanted to do and would play an important part of their role as a local business.

Alex said: ‘’It’s really important to us as a small business based in Gloucester that we do what we can for the people and causes within our county, it’s something we are passionate about. So, supporting a local charity was in the forefront of our mind when we set the business up. The Hollie Gazzard Trust was something close to our hearts, as both of us are fathers to young children, we connected immediately.’’

Having met Nick through a local networking group, the trio got together to discuss how a partnership could work and what they could do to help the Trust.

Richard said: ‘’Both Alex and I had heard of the Hollie Gazzard Trust as Hollie’s unfortunate situation had made local and national news back in 2014. After meeting with Nick, we made our decision pretty quickly and wanted to throw ourselves in to backing the causes of the charity. No father, mother, brother, sister, friend or colleague should have to go through what Hollie went through so we wanted to support the charity in any way that we could.’’

The team at Kirby & Knott Financial Planning, including Debbie Kirby and Catherine Knott who are the partners of Alex and Richard respectively, got to work over the summer of 2019 to help raise awareness and funds for the charity. They were sponsors of the annual Abbeymead Rovers FC football tournament and used it as an opportunity to fundraise through holding a raffle, selling merchandise, talking to people about the charity and raising important awareness. In addition to this, they exhibited at the Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta to continue their efforts for the charity.

Nick said: ‘’Alex and Richard are fantastic supporters of the Trust and we’d like to thank them for all the hard work they have put in on our behalf.  Engaging with local businesses is something we would like to do more of and Kirby & Knott have been shining examples of what we’d like to achieve when working with companies. They’ve been so enthusiastic and have taken time to go the extra mile for us. Thank you to all the team and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.’’

Over the two events they have raised over £400 for the Trust and have helped us to raise the profile of the charity within the business community.

Thank you to all associated with Kirby & Knott Financial Planning for not only raising money but also using their free time to support us.

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