The Hollie Guard app was awarded the official certificate of the Association of Chief Police Officers, Secure by Design, in February 2016.

Ideal for domestic violence and stalking victims as well as children, teenagers, walkers and lone workers, the Hollie Guard is a free app for smartphones. It has been designed to protect anyone who wishes to download it by turning any smartphone into an advanced personal safety device at the touch of a button. If in danger, simply shake the phone to generate an alert. Your location, audio and video evidence will automatically be sent to your designated emergency contact via text and email.

Shake the phone again, and it emits a high-pitched alarm while the flash strobe ensures maximum attention. From the moment Hollie Guard is activated, your location is tracked and can be viewed in real time by your emergency contact. Evidence is stored on secure servers should it be needed at a later date.

The Hollie Guard also includes a ‘Journey’ feature, allowing you to notify your friends, family and colleagues of your movements. A text or email will be generated when you arrive safely at your destination. Should you be attending a meeting or working alone, an alert will be automatically created if the timer expires, while ‘Man Down’ provides extra protection where injury, personal immobilisation, non-movement or sudden deceleration is flagged.

Developed by Panic Guard Ltd for HGT, the app is backed by Gloucestershire Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Detective Superintendent, Simon Atkinson, of the Public Protection Bureau, who said: “Hollie Guard is an exciting step forward in personal safety and as a consequence, we are working with the Hollie Gazzard Trust to explore a number of options for using this application.”

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