The Hollie Gazzard Trust Founder, Nick Gazzard, has been featured in works of art on display in the Chapel Royal at the Tower of London.

Russell Haines, the Gloucester artist, has had work displayed since 6th March 2019, featuring a series of 21 giant paintings for the London show. He has produced a large-scale display based on three of his exhibitions called Faith, Hope and Charity, which includes portraits of people from different cultural backgrounds. The paintings include portraits of Nick Gazzard and TV presenter Dr Janina Ramirez, amongst others.

The description at the exhibition reads: ‘’Faith, Hope and Charity at the Tower is an installation about people.  People with different beliefs and cultural backgrounds who all call the UK their home. It is also a celebration of people and of the good they can do, of immigration and multiculturalism and of the contribution  that people make to community and society in general. Despite our differences the path that most of us tread is somewhere between the extremes.  This installation shows that no matter where someone is from or what their background or beliefs are or even what their motivations are we are all just people trying to find our way through life.’’

Russell Haines said: “I am very honoured to have been asked by the Rev Roger Hall, who is the Chaplin of the Chapel Royal at the Tower of London, to display my art as only one artist a year gets asked to show their work. I am a little nervous as around 400,000 people will see my work. All of those who I have painted represent a facet of the three exhibitions I have been working on or have done. The people who are in the portraits are those who do good in our community, regardless of anything that makes us different to another. We are all humans and all the same.

Nick said: ‘’I’m a huge fan of Russell’s work and still have the amazing portrait he did of Hollie back in 2017. I’m honoured to be featured in the exhibition and I really admire the key message from the exhibition, promoting Faith, Hope and Charity. His work is really poignant and street wise which is why I think so many people can connect with it.’’

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