Nick Gazzard, Founder of the Hollie Gazzard Trust, recently delivered training as a part of the recent Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworkers (ISAC) accredited training programme in Lancashire for Paladin.

Paladin’s ISACs ensure high risk victims of stalking nationally are supported and that a co-ordinated community response is developed locally to keep victims and their children safe. The ISACs work closely with police, probation, local authorities, Crown Prosecution Service and local support agencies. Paladin’s main objectives also include provision of training for professionals and scrutinising how the new law is being interpreted and applied.

There are a significant amount of stalking cases where the victim did not have a relationship with the perpetrator. Currently there is no service to support, advice and help for these victims except for Paladin. This is a major gap in public protection. We want to ensure that the gap is filled given the volume of cases across the UK matched against the severity and seriousness of stalking when it happens. This training will save lives and money.

Nick’s training focussed on telling Hollie’s story, particularly around the stalking she suffered, experience of the police response and most importantly, what to look out for.

Some anonymous feedback from the ISACs on the programme:

” Really emotive listening to guest speaker Nick, Hollie’s story really hits home in relation to what is at stake for victims of domestic violence and stalking.”

 “Very informative, engaging and thought provoking.  Very powerful presentation from Nick”

 “Fantastic input from Nick Gazzard – informative and emotive, really well presented”

Nick said: ‘’It was fantastic to be able to deliver my part of the training to 15 ISACs from around the UK. Something can be learned from every stalking case in terms of how the perpetrator escalates the crimes and how threats can turn to violence. The work they do is so important. Spreading the word of the Hollie Gazzard Trust amongst the community helps us build connections and I look forward to continuing to work with Paladin.’’

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