Project Ceasefire primary focus is to unite families from across the UK who have been affected by knife crime and youth violence with an aim of connecting everyone together as one voice. Many people unfortunately share the same fate but not enough are connected to each other and are scattered all around the country, Project Ceasefire is designed to connect you all.

Naturally this creates an arm of support for each other as many families who are involved with the project have said they found it easier to talk to someone who has been through what they are going through as opposed to talking to a stranger.

Nick Gazzard is one of the pioneering families to be involved with the project which launched on Wednesday 27th November by way of a music video created by the very talented CECIL.

The video was shot with 8 families from across the country with the aim of showing people that this can affect anyone, anywhere, any age, any race and any gender. You can watch the video here:

What we now need you all to do is help spread the word and get this video and message out to people. Share it, comment on it, inform others of it and let’s make some noise.

If you could could follow Cecil on all social media platforms, her social handle across the board is @cecilmusicuk. If you could follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share the video with people would be much appreciated. You can read all about Cecil on her website

For those of you who are into your music here is the Spotify link:

It’s also available on iTunes and all platforms, just search CECIL -Ceasefire. Please add it to your playlists and recommend it to people as any funds generated from the record are going into the music part of the project. Project Ceasefire will also be offering opportunities to young people in music, getting them into the studio, writing sessions, mixing sessions and more. We believe we can reach a key demographic through music and use it to have a positive affect on young people’s lives.

Everything released yesterday and the national news platforms picked it up, check out Nick’s feature for Channel 5.

They loved it so much they ran an extended feature on their socials heavily featuring Nick:

The BBC and ITV also gave their support to Cecil and the families and Project Ceasefire:



There were also write ups in The Independent and in The Sun Newspaper also.

If you wish to contact the project directly and join the cause please email your story and info to and you can check the project out and the families on their website

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