Chloe Gazzard grew up in Churchdown with her sister Hollie where both attended Chosen Hill School. They enjoyed an extremely close relationship and were as much best friends as they were sisters. Hollie’s death has left Chloe, alongside their parents, absolutely devastated, and has also deeply affected her own family. Hollie doted on her little niece, Ruby, who was just two-years-old at the time of her auntie’s death. The love between the two was mutual and it’s profoundly sad for Chloe that her sister won’t see Ruby grow up. Despite the difficult situation that she faces, Chloe is determined that Hollie’s death won’t be in vain, and wants to ensure that her legacy lives on. The Trust gives Chloe the opportunity to help reduce domestic abuse in the younger age group and she has a passion for fighting knife crime. Working for Nick on a part time basis at the Charitable Trading Company (CTC), Chloe is the Trust’s expert on Hollie Guard, its personal safety app and is a strong, yet poignant ‘voice’ for HGT.

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