Delivering Healthy Relationship Education

We fund a Young Persons Co-ordinator who is responsible for delivering Hollie’s Young Peoples programme containing two different courses for 13-19 year olds across Gloucestershire.

Relationship Abuse Education (Rae) Workshops

One-off workshops for teenagers centred around building healthy relationships and identifying abuse. The sessions are developed to encourage early identification of abusive tactics and to help young people support each other if they feel their friends are in abusive relationships. Rae contains a large focus on coercive control and provides advice on what to do if your friend is being abused.


Crush is carried out through group work for 13-19-year-olds who have either witnessed domestic abuse or who are, or have been, in unhealthy relationships themselves. In each session on the 10-week programme, these teenagers address different elements of an abusive relationship and discuss the way in which a healthy relationship should work instead. The groups are mixed gender to allow a healthy and balanced discussion. We are the only organisation to deliver this valuable programme across Gloucestershire.

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