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Hollie's Young People


Through partnership with Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Services (GDASS), Hollie’s Young People provides support to those who have been affected by domestic violence. This includes a structured programme of group support and empowerment for young people between the ages of 13 and 19. It covers the transition from youth to young adulthood where beneficiaries are those at risk of, or affected by domestic abuse.

The project aims to support young people:

  • To avoid abusive relationships with particular attention to social media/sexting/sexual exploitation.
  • To exit an abusive relationship safely.
  •  To better manage the personal impact of exposure to domestic abuse, peer pressure/relationships, especially in an educational environment.

Hollie’s Young People currently delivers a 10-week evaluated CRUSH programme, designed by West Mercia Women’s Aid, for up to 10 participants led by two experienced and trained facilitators. CRUSH is the name of the programme and the young people it involves. Those receiving outreach support have been referred by GDASS or other support agencies in Gloucestershire.

Young people today are exposed to social media, (Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat etc), so session, by session, the learning is posted on a bespoke webpage/Twitter account, to enable access and those involved to safely ask questions. For those who are frightened, hurt and confused, it offers the facility to talk through experiences, begin a recovery process and start to fulfill ambitions. Mental health issues are strongly associated with domestic abuse, and can lead to drug use, alcohol abuse and self-harming. It can also lead to problems at school and failure to reach potential. Programmes are run in Gloucester, Cheltenham, the Forest of Dean, Tewkesbury and Stroud.

Student Sponsorship

A strong partnership with Gloucestershire College, enables young hairdressers to follow in Hollie’s footsteps as they carve out a successful career in the industry. HGT supports students in education and training by providing equipment, resources and meeting individual requirements.

Laura Tibbetts, a successful Trust Fund recipient said: “I have completed my Level 2 Hairdressing qualification by having the support of the Hollie Gazzard Trust. Without this support, I would have struggled to afford this course and be able to pursue my dreams of becoming a hairdresser. I have really enjoyed the colouring side … as it’s more creative.” Jessica Allen, who also received funds said: “I am so thankful that the Trust have sponsored me. Without them, I would not have been able to do the course. The Trust supported my dream and I am now at Level 3 because of them.”

Sian Pryszlak, a HGT Trustee and lecturer, explains: “It is extremely important that Hollie’s talent is not wasted. By funding students to follow in her footsteps it allows talent to grow that in itself, is inspiring… There are young future professionals who need help and support in order to realise and achieve their dreams and that is what the Trust is here to do.” Sian is backed by Deborah Hughes, Head of School, who said: “The School of Hair and Beauty at Gloucestershire College is privileged to be part of something so wonderfully inspiring.”

Interested students are encouraged to apply via Gloucestershire College Student Services in the first instance.

Peace Pedalers

Peace Pedalers are youth workers employed by Increase the Peace (ITP) and funded by HGT to ride on their bicycles in and around Gloucester, where their primary function is to engage with local young people hanging out in parks and on the street. Peace Pedalers are fully qualified or undertaking degree-level training and also hold other qualifications and/or experience including mentoring, safeguarding, risk assessment, first aid and cultural and diversity awareness.

AIMS: They aim to build relationships to help reduce anti-social behaviour.

OBJECTIVES: To engage with young people, find out why they congregate in certain areas and assist with signposting them to local youth provisions or other organisations. Peace Pedalers discuss the consequences of anti-social behaviour and help build positive relationships between the young people they encounter, youth workers, the police and local authorities. A further objective is to discourage gang affiliation.

OUTCOMES: To see a reduction in knife crime, anti-social behaviours and gang affiliation, thereby ensuring the city is a safer, more sociable environment for all. Peace Pedalers work closely with the Police and Gloucester City Homes to target areas where some young people cause a nuisance or display anti-sociable behaviour. Areas are targeted and monitored on a weekly basis by youth workers who visit in pairs. Success is measured by keeping logs of all young people contacted and regular meetings with the Police on statistics. Peace Pedalers are currently working in Barton and Tredworth, Linden, Kingsholm, Gloucester Park, Bristol Road, Hempsted, Podsmead, Tuffley, White City, Matson, Coney Hill, The Lampreys, Chequers Bridge and the city centre. Plans to expand across Gloucester are underway and HGT is delighted to be working with ITP through 2016.

HGT 2017 Fundraisers: Portivo Lounge Gloucester Quays - Amy Brown – Miss Cheltenham 2017 - Cotswold Way - Irish Club - Tesco Churchdown - Flash Dance ‘Belly Mob’ - Ice hair 7 beauty - Smart Comms - Zen Hair - Paradigm Consulting - TK Maxx Gloucester - Commercial Ltd - Vicky’s Beauty Box - Golden City -Harvester Cheltenham