Hollie Gazzard was tragically taken from us on 18th February 2014 at precisely 6:51pm. Under ”normal” circumstances the family and friends of Hollie, and supporters of the charity, would meet at Hollie’s bench in Gloucester to remember her and reflect on the work being done in her name.

7 years on the and charity remembered Hollie in a special heartfelt Facebook Live video by Hollie’s mum and dad, Nick and Mandy Gazzard, from their home as the lockdown restrictions hampered the regular meeting arrangements. You can watch the video at the bottom of this article.

At 6:51pm on 18th February every year we hold a minute silence for Hollie in tribute to the date and time she lost her life in 2014. This year was no exception.

The charity asked for people to observe the silence with Nick and Mandy, and to light a candle to brighten the room – just how Hollie used to – and send in a picture. The response was overwhelming and these are just a few of the many we received:

Thank you to everyone for joining us, getting involved and sending kind messages. Nick and Mandy certainly didn’t want the lockdown to dampen any memorial celebrations and going online engaged more people and attracted the usual kindness.

Here are just some of the messages of support:

  • Sending love to you all and remembering your beautiful Hollie 🕯 💞💞💞
  • Thinking of you all on what must be a difficult day, even more so than usual.. What you have achieved despite your immense grief is admirable! Hollie would be so proud x
  • What you’ve achieved and continue to work hard on is incredible. Hollie would be so proud of your family 🤍 I talk about Hollie in all my training and presentations. Her photo is always there as my inspiration x
  • You’ve done so much phenomenal work, raising awareness and shining a light on so many issues. I’m sure she would be so proud ❤️
  • I had the pleasure of meeting hollie and she was a fantastic person so loving and caring and amazing
  • The work of a small charity can be all consuming especially when you are victims of crime. 7 years and still having a big impact is all credit to your determination and courage. Lots of love x
  • Beautiful tribute to your angel, Hollie will always hold a special place in my heart through chosen hill school xx😘😘❤


We’d like to thank everyone for making 2021 a special year for remembering Hollie. The last 12 months have been difficult for everyone but when we all come together amazing things can happen – and 18th February 2021 will be an occasion we’ll never forget.

7 years, never forgotten.

Thank you all.

💜 A tribute to our Hollie. 7 years and never forgotten.

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