“I would like congratulate the Hollie Gazzard Trust for the wonderful work they are doing in the area of stalking, domestic abuse and personal safety. There is no doubt that the Trust have changed the landscape for responding to stalking and coercive control for professionals and for victims. I want to congratulate you specifically for the work that has gone into Hollie Guard. What an amazing piece of personal safety equipment this is. It is innovative and ground-breaking. We all know how terrifying stalking and domestic abuse are, and that terror spreads to the families of victims too. Hollie Guard provides a crucial tool for anyone, whether they are a current victim of stalking or domestic abuse, or not. Having Hollie Guard on your phone can alert someone who may be able to help immediately, and this has undoubtedly saved lives.
I would like to see Hollie Guard recommended routinely for any victim of stalking or domestic abuse and further than that, for anyone at all. It can help victims and the police. It would be great to see funding for more awareness of its existence so that everyone has it on their phone.
I recommended Hollie Guard to my own daughter when she was suffering abuse and I can tell you from personal experience that I felt more confident after it was installed on her phone. The 999 system cannot always be used, and if someone cannot speak or doesn’t want it known they have called for help, the extra two fives that must be pressed for a silent 999 call can alert an assailant, especially as mobile phones light up when you do this, and you must be able to look at a touch phone screen. With Hollie Guard you just shake – what a simple but powerful feature.”
Dr Jane Monckton Smith Professor of Public Protection University of Gloucestershire