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Stalking Workshop – Half Day

A half day session that covers all the elements of stalking including a comprehensive insight into what stalking is, the effect on the victim and their families and loved ones and how to safely support someone you may suspect of being a victim.

There is no official definition of stalking, however, it is generally accepted to be ‘a pattern of repeated and persistent unwanted behaviour that is intrusive and engenders fear. It involves one individual becoming fixated or obsessed with another where the attention is unwanted’. Even if there is no threat, this is stalking and it is a crime.

This half-day workshop will be introduced with an in-depth presentation consisting of Hollie’s story; what is stalking; stalking legislation; types of behaviour’s; types of stalkers; reporting stalking; disclosure; do’s and don’ts and the six golden rules. We will look at recent research and the connection between stalking and homicide.

Three interactive workshops will follow covering: Stalking Behaviours where we will look at various types of behaviours that stalkers exhibit, their motivation and why early identification and intervention is vital. How these behaviours impact on the Victim and affect their everyday life. We will delve into what action can be taken to help safeguard the victim through Safety Planning. We will also cover responding to being stalked and what action can be taken to help prevent it continuing. Finally, we will look at what to do if you know of someone who is being stalked and what support is available.

CPD Accreditation

We are delighted that the Working Without Fear programme is a fully certified CPD course.

Feedback from the assessor: 

”A well-planned course that should achieve its learning objectives.”


Laura Richards, Co-founder and Director of Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service

“Nick is an inspiration. Following his daughter, Hollie, being stalked and brutally murdered in 2014, Nick set up the Hollie Gazzard Trust to raise awareness and ensure that no other young person experiences domestic abuse and stalking. To this end Nick has delivered high impact sessions on our university accredited Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworker training, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ events and ‘Beyond the Bruises’ training on the new coercive control legislation. Nick is a true light and a change agent who inspires others to learn the lessons and be better at their jobs and I feel privileged to know and work with him.”

 Coercive Control Workshop – Half Day

A half day session that covers the elements of coercive control including a comprehensive insight into the types of coercive control along with the effect on the victim, their families and loved ones.

Coercive behaviour is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten a victim. The programme delves further into definitions of Coerciveness including the hurt and intimidation along with the isolation and regulation that form the Control. We will investigate abuser tactics and behavior.

The workshop investigates examples of female, male and same sex victim abuse along with the link with stalking. Recent research will be used to understand the relationship with homicide and the homicide timeline.

The workshop is interactive, and the material is delivered using a variety of methods including real life cases, videos, presentations and exercises that ensures the optimum benefit for all participants. We look at how to identify when this is happening, the importance of early intervention and what action can be taken to safely support someone you may suspect of being a victim.

Attendees should, however, consider that coercive control is a sensitive topic and they might find some of the content distressing.

CPD Accreditation

We are delighted that the Coercive Control workshop is a fully certified CPD course.

Feedback from the CPD Assessor:

”A detailed and well-planned course that should meet its learning objectives.”


Simon Atkinson  Former Detective Superintendent, Head of Public Protection and Investigations, Specialist Crime, Gloucestershire Constabulary

“Out of tragedy positive things can happen; Domestic abuse resulted in the predictable death of Nick Gazzard’s young daughter Hollie in Gloucester in early 2014.  Nick sought to discover why Hollie died and use those answers to help others not only identify the various forms of domestic abuse but do something about it in their personal and professional lives. Although Nick and his family had every right to be angry and upset, with astonishing courage, he has used his personal experience to work with and change the very agencies that let his family down.  A personable man whose story will ask you to reflect on domestic abuse coupled with the personal and work based impact.”


Active Bystander Communities

A day long programme designed for community members to learn more about domestic abuse, and how they can help combat it by learning skills to intervene as a positive bystander.

When bystanders intervene, for example by signalling their disapproval of a behaviour, the wrongdoer receives this message – and so do other people around them. The programme works with participants in a positive and empowering way to think about scenarios and helpful behaviours which could help make a difference and make the community safer for everyone. You should however, consider that domestic abuse is a sensitive topic and you might find some of the content distressing.

The programme will be delivered by experienced facilitators.

Hollie Guard Workshop

A 60 minute workshop on the use of Hollie Guard detailing how you to set up emergency contacts and the flexible options for work and leisure. The various alert profiles and how they differ. It will demonstrate the main functionality and how these work to help safeguard you including:

The Journey Feature that can help you travel safely. Whenever you use this feature, your emergency contacts are informed about where you’re going so they can check on you in case you’re in trouble.

The Meeting Alarm feature can help you in situations with a risk factor, for example when meeting an estranged partner, going on a blind date or working alone. This feature works in lock screen mode, ideal as a tool for lone workers and for discretion in a handbag or pocket.

The Man Down feature. This allows users performing dangerous tasks to activate an immediate alert as soon as the user becomes motionless.

Knife Crime Workshop

A 90-minute workshop that covers the main elements of knife crime.

Knife crime is on the increase and is blighting our communities, ending the lives of many young people. With the use of visual aids including videos where attendees choose the ending and experience the consequences of their choice. We will outline how crimes can be reported anonymously and the support that’s available.

In this workshop we will explore the reasons why people carry knives, the damage that using a knife can have along with the ripple effect it has. We will look at the laws for carrying a knife, the impact of joint enterprise on those involved even if they do not carry or use. We will explore alternatives for safeguarding including Hollie Guard.

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