What We Do?

We are a Gloucestershire based charity with nationwide reach with a goal to prevent other victims and families having to go through what Hollie and her family had to go through.

Following her horrific murder, the family, Nick, Amanda and Chloe, wanted something positive to come out of the loss and set up the Trust not only to help other victims but to raise funds to support young people. Hollie had suffered from domestic abuse, violence and stalking in the time leading up to her death and tackling these issues is at the forefront of the work we do.

The Trust sponsors young people who, like Hollie, have a passion for hairdressing. They wanted to form the Trust in order to give opportunities to others that she had been fortunate to have.

While Hollie’s family are still devastated by her untimely death, and unable to change the events of that fateful day, they hope that the funds raised through the Hollie Gazzard Trust will help others find a better future and reach their potential. The Trust relies on the generosity of the individuals and companies that support it and hold a number of official fundraising initiatives each year.

Why We Do This

The aim of the Hollie Gazzard Trust is simple – we work to save lives by building individual and community resilience to domestic abuse. We work towards this in three ways:

The first is by raising awareness. We do this in various ways; from helping young people understand the dangers of unhealthy relationships and what this can lead to, using Hollie’s tragedy as an example. Keeping our subscribers informed on the issues around domestic abuse and stalking via our monthly Hollie Gazzette and social media platforms. We also host various fundraising events throughout the year, such as our Golf Day, Annual Dinner and Walk4Hollie.

– Secondly, we help people create positive, happy and safe relationships, free from abuse by providing education and guidance in schools, workplaces and other organisations. The Trust offers a series of workshops designed to fit both schools and colleges.

– Thirdly, we hope to prevent other people from going through what Hollie did before her death. We offer our free personal safety app, Hollie Guard in the hope this will help individuals experiencing domestic abuse and stalking to stay safe.

Contact Us

We are always interested to hear what you have to say or answer any questions that you may have. Please complete the contact form below, or alternatively, you can email info@holliegazzard.org

We look forward to hearing from you.

What We Do