The Trust was created following the murder of 20-year-old Hollie Gazzard in 2014 by an ex-partner. HGT helps reduce domestic violence through creating and delivering programmes on domestic abuse and promoting healthy relationships to schools and colleges. In addition, it funds hairdressing training for young people who may not otherwise have the funds to study – Hollie was passionate about hairdressing and HGT enables others to follow their dream.

The Hollie Gazzard Trust also campaigns to reduce anti-social behaviour and knife crime.

The ultimate aim of the Trust is to positively change the lives of young people through partnerships in communities, as well as working alongside other charities and professional agencies.

HGT was set up by Hollie’s parents, Nick and Mandy, and her sister Chloe.

Please click on the video to hear a message from our Patron, Julie Etchingham.

About Hollie

Hollie was a determined and successful individual, a true inspiration for others, loved, by her family and friends and highly regarded by colleagues and clients alike.  Read More >

Hollie's Quotes


Holz Wall

” Have hope be strong laugh loud and play hard. Live in the moment, smile often, dream big. Remember you are loved and never ever give up. ”


” Don’t judge me by my past. I don’t live there any more… ”


” Time is precious, life is a mystery. ”

'The Gym'

” Someone should open a bar called ‘The Gym.’ Then, I could be one of those annoying people on Facebook that brags about going there everyday. ”


” An arrow can only be shot by pulling it back. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming. ”


” Some people create their own storms, then get upset when it rains. ”


” Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Every day is a fresh start. Each day is a new beginning. Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life. ”

Eyes Open

” Sometimes, opening your eyes may be the most painful thing you ever have to do. ”


” If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you’re fooling yourself. That’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat him. ”

Susan Sontag

” I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. ”


” You spend too much time worrying what other people think of you… A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of a sheep. ”


Helping Talented Young People

We work alongside Gloucestershire College to support students that face many different challenges.

Delivering Healthy Relationship Education

We help educate young people about the importance of healthy relationships and to identify signs of potential abuse.

Raising Awareness of Stalking

Stalking is one of the most frequently experienced forms of abuse; abuse that can destroy the lives of its victims.

Tackiling Knife Crime & Anti Social Behaviour

The Trust has funded several initiatives delivering workshops in schools and other youth-related organisations.


Hollie Guard is a next generation smartphone app that provides enhanced levels of protection. Whether you’re working alone, travelling to an unknown area or simply commuting around town. With Hollie Guard, you can set extra levels of protection from right inside the App. As seen on BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow. 

Let Hollie be your Guardian Angel. 



HGT Facebook

Elizabeth’s late husband used technology to abuse her. He tracked her movements, created revenge porn, used CCTV in their home and meticulously went through her call log each month.

It’s known as tech abuse and it’s a crime.

If anything in Elizabeth’s story rings alarm bells for you, we’ve provided a checklist to help protect your tech, it’s available here:

Support is also available in Gloucestershire from:

👉 Gloucestershire Constabulary
👉 Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service
👉 Grasac
👉 The Nelson Trust

#HollieGazzardTrust #HollieGuard #TechAbuse #GlosTakeAStand
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EastEnders has released full details of the Chantelle Atkins storyline.

We would encourage anyone who is affected by the issues raised in this Eastenders story to contact Refuge: or Women's Aid

Toby Alexander-Smith (who plays Gray) said: "When I was speaking to Women's Aid, they were telling me how many women are contacting their Live Chat service to say their partners are using the pandemic as a tool to their advantage. I was shocked".

You can read the full article here:

#HollieGazzardTrust #HollieGuard #Eastenders
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Tech abuse can include anything from restricting who you speak and interact with digitally, though to secretly recording you and tracking your movements.

It’s a crime and should be reported.

Make sure your devices are secure by following the tips listed in our checklist and if you think you might be a victim, remember support is available in Gloucestershire.


#HollieGazzardTrust #HolieGuard #GlosTakeAStand #TechAbuse
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While technology has been essential to keep us connected during 2020, it’s also used as a weapon by abusers - known as ‘tech abuse’.

Tracking apps, covert CCTV, and the logging of all calls and texts are just some of the ways victims can have their freedom restricted by the very devices which are meant to connect us.

Here are 7 tips to lock down everything from your emails to your Alexa!

There’s also a checklist for securing your tech if you’re concerned you might be a victim of tech abuse:

Support in Gloucestershire is also available from these organisations:
GDASS Gloucestershire Constabulary Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service The Nelson Trust Grasac

#HollieGazzardTrust #HollieGuard #glostakeastand #TechAbuse
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HGT Twitter

HUNDREDS more domestic abuse victims will receive help as a result of new dedicated support workers in West Mercia. 👏

Read full article here:

#HollieGazzardTrust #HollieGuard #DomesticAbuse

Being a victim of tech abuse can mean that the tools you use to communicate are the very things used to limit your freedom. Protect them using these methods:
#HollieGazzardTrust #HollieGuard #TechAbuse #GlosTakeAStand

How do you help someone who is in an abusive relationship?

We've created a guide for anyone & everyone. If a client, friend, colleague or family member needs advice, this will help YOU help them.


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#HollieGazzardTrust 💜

HUNDREDS more domestic abuse victims will receive help as a result of new dedicated support workers in West Mercia. 👏

Read full article here:

#HollieGazzardTrust #HollieGuard #DomesticAbuse

If you haven't done so already, please update the Hollie Guard app via your App Store today to discover the improved functionality and new features. 📲
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The REPORT Feature 🖊️

This new feature allows users to quickly and easily record an incident with supporting photo evidence that is automatically categorised, time-stamped, and geo-tagged. 📍

All reports will be saved to the Hollie Guard server under your account. 📝

The JOURNEY Feature 🚶

Whenever you use this feature, your emergency contacts are informed about where you’re going so they can check on you in case you’re in trouble. 📍

Hollie Guard is FREE to download and use!
More info 👉


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Now that the nights are starting to draw in, Hollie Guard is a fantastic app to have on your smartphone for extra protection when travelling alone. 🚶

In danger? A simple shake activates Hollie Guard, automatically sending your location & audio/video evidence to your contacts.

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Summer Prize Draw 2020 WINNERS!

Summer Prize Draw 2020 WINNERS!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in our Summer Prize Draw 2020 and to those who joined us for our virtual Shake It Up event. Your support, as always, is hugely appreciated, especially during these challenging times. The draw took place on Friday 3rd July 2020...

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Cheltenham Town FC Fill the Paddock

Cheltenham Town FC Fill the Paddock

Cheltenham Town FC have got off to a flying start with their Fill the Paddock campaign. Despite being unable to fulfill all fixtures due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Cheltenham Town's fantastic 2019/20 season has been rewarded with a 4th place finish in the table and...

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Summer Prize Draw 2020

Summer Prize Draw 2020

The Summer Prize Draw is back! With the aim to raise vital funds for the Hollie Gazzard Trust during these unprecedented times. We would like to thank all the businesses and individuals that have dontated these amazing prizes, we are so grateful for your kindness and...

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Collaborating with WSP Solicitors

Collaborating with WSP Solicitors

We are delighted to announce that we are collaborating with WSP Solicitors. WSP Solicitors will be offering their expertise to anyone considering leaving a legacy donation to the Hollie Gazzard Trust in their will. Nick Gazzard, Founder of HGT met WSP Solicitors when...

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